Innovation Associates

Providing Tools to Achieve the Edge

Innovation Associates develops and enhances initiatives through the balanced use of people, processes, and tools to reach optimal solutions. We draw from experts around the world to bring your organization the latest and most appropriate methods and techniques.

Innovation Associates embraces a flexible and adaptable work style to meet its clients' goals for specific efforts in an individual organization, company or institution.

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Offering Web-Based Solutions to Meet the Needs of Technology Firms

Developing Technology Communities and States

Promoting University Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

Facilitating Corporate Linkages to University and Government Laboratories

Adapting International Best Practices

Enhancing Technology Transfer Centers

Developing Angel and Seed Capital

Designing and Implementing Small Business Incubators

Conducting Benchmarking, Research and Evaluation

Meeting the Needs of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Improving Federal Laboratory Linkages to Corporations and Government

Promoting Manufacturing Extension

Coordinating Economic and Workforce Development

Designing Economic Adjustment Strategies

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